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What is Zero to Live?

What these essays are, and are not.

It's worth briefly setting the context for these essays. Much ink has been spilled on the topic of finding a good startup idea, validating a product hypothesis, marketing, sales, and the host of other startup-related topics.

My goal with these essays is not to beat that particular drum.

Rather, these are a response to the numerous times I've been asked over the years:

  • "How do I actually go about building my idea?"
  • "How do I find/hire developers to build this for me?"
  • "What features should I build next?"
  • "How does software development actually work?"

Most developers have faced these questions many times, often from people with relatively little experience or appreciation for just how hard it can be to build something from nothing.

The goal of Zero to Live1 is to go beyond the typical platitudes and give you concrete rubrics for decision making, ideas for hiring, and practical insights into how to start building your dream. Real, useful tactics that dig into exactly what "just go hire a developer" actually translates to in practice.

  1. A nod to Peter Thiel's Zero to One book. These essays aim even smaller - before you can go from zero to one customer, you need to go from zero to live product.
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